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Our Products

   MAI-411 Airplane
   MAI-407 Airplane
   Viscount V100 Airplane
   MAI-223 Airplane
   Aviatika-MAI-890 Family
   Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly
   Yunior Airplane
   MAI-89 Airplane
   Foton Airplane
   Elf Airplane
   Au-30 Airship
   Au-12M Airship
   SkyBoat HELIOS
   “Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloons
   AV-15-D2 variable-pitch propeller
   Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat
   Kvant Airplane
   MAI-208 Autogyro
   MAI-227 Glider
   Aviatika-MAI-920 Glider
   Elf-D UAV
   MAI-205 Autogyro
   Aviatika-MAI-890A Autogyro
   PS-01 “Komar” UAV

Sintal Airplanes

We Offer:

   Light Airplanes and Ultralights
   Hybrid Captive Balloons
   Sintal Airplanes
   Designing and production of aircrafts
   Aircrafts improvement
   Pilots retraining
   Production of parts and units
   Production of mockups
   Fiberglass production


   AC “ASA-Aerodesign”
   NPO “RosAeroSystems”
   RAC “MiG” (“Mikoyan”)

About our Design Bureau
OSKBES MAI history

1974 г.
Founder of OSKBES MAI
K. Zhidovetskiy, 1974

Expanded histoty...

  • 1965 — the Student’s Design Bureau SKB-1 is formed.
  • 1968 — Student’s Design Bureau SKB-1 is reorganized into Design Bureau of an Experimental Aircraft Construction of aircraft constructing faculty (OSKB-S).
  • 1992 — OSKBES MAI as a part of joint-stock company «Aviatika», under the name OKB-MA, has received the Certificate R-9 of the developer of light civil aircrafts.
  • 1996 — after change of a kind of activity of concern «Aviatika», OSKBES MAI has continued work in the field of general aviation together with RAC «MiG» («Mikoyan»).
  • 1998 — the Aviaregister of Interstate Aviation Commitee issued a Design Organization Certificate R-52 of the developer of light civil aircrafts.
  • 1999 — the founder of OSKBES MAI Kazimir Zhidovetskiy has died. Nikolay Goryunov was appointed Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI.
  • 1999 — eight members of our design bureau, Moscow Aviation Iinstitute and RAC «MIG» were rewarded by «State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology» for designing and inculcation of light multipurpose airplanes in a serial production.
  • 2002 — OSKBES MAI has started designing of new plane MAI-223.
  • 2003 — OSKBES MAI actively starts to work over aeronautic vehicles.
  • 2004 — MAI-223 made the first flight.
  • 2006 — designing of autogyro МАИ-208 has begun.
  • 2008 — Vadim Demin was appointed Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI.
  • 2008 — designing of new four-seater plane MAI-407 has begun in OSKBES MAI.
  • 2009 — works on designing of glider MAI-227 have begun.
  • 2014 — OSKBES MAI began to develop a new vehicle  — SkyBoat HELIOS.
  • 2014—2016 — OSKBES MAI develops and manufactures structural components of different types of unmanned aerial vehicles in the interests of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence.
Chief Designer

V. Demin
OSKBES MAI Chief Designer
V. Demin.

More about V. Demin...

Vadim Demin (May, 17th, 1961) — the Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation for services to science and technology.

In 1984 V. Demin has graduated from Moscow aviation institute on a speciality "Aircraft construction" (faculty № 1).

Occupied posts: the technician, the design engineer, senior design engineer, Deputy Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI (1980-2008).

Since July, 1st, 2008 V. Demin is appointed Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI.

Vadim Demin — is a General Manager of PRO-Avia Company

Our Staff

OSKBES MAI Staff (December, 2010)
V. Lazarev, V. Krylov (Jr.), V. Denisov, A. Trofimov, A. Latsenko, I. Fadeyev, V. Luchak, M. Dryagilev, O. Madan, D. Manakhov, V. Belyakov, V. Krylov, A. Zorin, A. Sinitsin, V. Feygenbaum, V. Shalygin, R. Mozhar, A. Yefremov (Dean of the 1st niversity department), N. Goryunov, A. Geraschenko (Moscow Aviation Institute Chancellor), V. Demin (Chief Designer), A. Kotlyar, L. Demina, O. Syuzyumov, V. Rodin, S. Vildyakskin, E. Goncharenko, A. Dmitriyenko, D. Valyuzhinich, S. Titov, T. Yurchenko, V. Yemelyanov, V. Gordiyenko.
O. Dzhezherya, A. Podkasik, N. Ivanov, M. Bykovskiy, V. Babanov, A. Borodulya, S. Bobylyov, S. Svinin.

Certificate R-52 of the developer of light civil aircrafts
Certificate R-52
of the Developer
of light civil aircrafts
Certificate R-52 of the developer of light civil aircrafts
Certificate R-52
of the Developer
of light civil aircrafts
Type certificate
Type Certificate
Type certificate
Type Certificate
Noise certificate
Noise Certificate
SON-4 crop spraying equipment Certificate of Conformity
SON-4 crop spraying equipment
Certificate of Conformity
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