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Our Products

   MAI-411 Airplane
   MAI-407 Airplane
   Viscount V100 Airplane
   MAI-223 Airplane
   Aviatika-MAI-890 Family
   Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly
   Yunior Airplane
   MAI-89 Airplane
   Foton Airplane
   Elf Airplane
   Au-30 Airship
   Au-12M Airship
   SkyBoat HELIOS
   “Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloons
   AV-15-D2 variable-pitch propeller
   Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat
   Kvant Airplane
   MAI-208 Autogyro
   MAI-227 Glider
   Aviatika-MAI-920 Glider
   Elf-D UAV
   MAI-205 Autogyro
   Aviatika-MAI-890A Autogyro
   PS-01 “Komar” UAV

Sintal Airplanes

We Offer:

   Light Airplanes and Ultralights
   Hybrid Captive Balloons
   Sintal Airplanes
   Designing and production of aircrafts
   Aircrafts improvement
   Pilots retraining
   Production of parts and units
   Production of mockups
   Fiberglass production

About Us:

   History of OSKBES MAI
   Chief Designer

OSKBES MAI. Our Partners

PRO-Avia logo

Phone: +7 (916) 636-02-71
E-mail: pro-avia@mail.ru
Web: www.ooo-proavia.ru

PRO-Avia — production, realization, service of aircrafts designed by OSKBES MAI.

Payment requisites of the organisation:
Walter-Kolb-Strasse, 13
60594 Frankfurt-am-Main Germany,
Acc. 0104558416
In favour “PRO - Avia”
Aсс. 40702 84080 00000 00514

Address: “PRO-Avia”, Planetnaya str., 11, Moscow, 125167, Russia

General Manager: Sergey Svinin

Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)


Phone: +7 (495) 231-19-01

E-mail: info@fasie.ru

Web: www.fasie.ru

Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE)

Address: 119034, Russia, Moscow, 3rd Obydenskij pereulok, 1, build. 5.

General Manager: Sergey Polyakov



Phone: +7-903-723-16-36

E-mail: silverbrend@gmail.com

NGAMA — National General Aviation Manufacturer Association.

The targets of the Association:

  • Interaction with the government.
  • General aviation market development.
  • Entering the global market of the general aviation.

General Manager: Alexander Serebryakov.

Members of board of directors: Vadim Demin, Viktor Yermolenko, Dmitry Grekhov.

Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern (KEMZ)


Phones: (87239) 2-40-95
+7 963-408-89-98

E-mail: koncern_kemz@mail.ru

Web: kizlyar-kemz.ru

Kizlyar Elektromechanical Plant Concern (KEMZ).

General Manager: Ibragim Akhmatov.

Address: 368830 Russia, Dagestan, Kizlyar, Kutuzova str., 1.

Aircraft Company “ASA-Aerodesign”

ASA-Aerodesign logo

Phone (fax): +7 (985) 148-33-66

E-mail: asa.aero.d@gmail.com

LLC Aircraft Company “ASA-Aerodesign” is an aircraft building corporation, designs and produces lightweight airplanes.

The Viscount V100 Airplane was designed by Aircraft Company “ASA-Aerodesign” in association with the Moscow Aviation Institute’s Design Bureau OSKBES MAI.

General Manager: Viktor Orkin.

Legal address: 107076, Moscow, Kolodezny per, 14, office#608.

Actual residence: Moscow, Smolenskaya ploshchad, 3, office#28.



Phone: +7 4912 38 55 75
Phone (fax): +7 4912 38 76 09
E-mail: remz-avia@bk.ru

REMZ-Avia specialises on release of extralight double planes S-2 Sintal.

REMZ-Avia is a subsidiary production unit of “TyazhPressMash”, one of leading enterprises in manufacture of the equipment for gas-and-oil producing industry.

The enterprise has licences of Federal Agency of the Industry on designing, manufacture and repair of very light airplanes.

REMZ-Avia is the planned manufacturer and the supplier of four-seater planes MAI-407 designed by OSKBES MAI.

General Manager: Sergey Smolin.

Address: “REMZ-Avia”, Promyshlennaya str., 5, Ryazan, 390028, Russia.


Oskolplast-invest logo

Phone: +7 495 748 37 43 (44)

E-mail: ador@unit.ru


Supply of industrial equipment, industrial engineering, scientific research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering.

Oskolplast-invest with OSKBES MAI participates in the Family of hybrid balloons Colibris program.

General Manager: Aleksandr Dorofeyev.

Address: 109147, Moscow, Marksistskaya str., 34, korp. 10.

Aviagamma JsCo

Aviagamma logo

Phone: (495) 514-53-51
Fax: (499) 158-62-22
E-mail: info@aviagamma.ru
Web: www.aviagamma.ru

Aviagamma JsCo is BRP-Rotax GmbH authorized distributor in Russia and C.I.S.

General Manager: Vladimir Andriychuk.

Postal address:
P.O. Box 51
125057 Moscow Russia
Aviagamma JsCo.

NPO “RosAeroSystems”

NPO “RosAeroSystems”

Phone (fax): +7 495 989 74 25
E-mail: sales@rosaerosystems.com
Web: rosaerosystems.ru

NPO “RosAeroSystems” is the leading Russian lighter-than-air manufacturer.

The company was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of AUGUR Aeronautical Centre.

Since that time we have created a highly professional design bureau, a powerful envelope production unit, and comprehensive testing facilities.

By request of NPO “RosAeroSystems” gondolas, nacelles, fly-by-wire power plant controls and empennages of airships Au-30 and Au-12M gondolas of captive balloons Aerolift, gondolas of captive balloon DAG-2M, empennage and fly-by-wire controls of airship Volaris, empennage of captive balloons Bars (Leopard) and Puma was designed and produced in OSKBES MAI.

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, 68, bld. 16.

RAC “MiG” (“Mikoyan”)

MiG logo

Phone: +7 499 231 22 39
Fax: +7 499 158 29 84
E-mail: mig@migavia.ru
Web: www.migavia.ru

The Public Joint-Stock Company "Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" is a leading enterprise of aviation industry of Russia which has aggregated within the framework of unified legal structure the main organizations ensuring all elements of flight vehicles life cycle: concept development, initial and detailed design, manufacture of prototypes and their tests, marketing, preproduction planning and serial production, technical support during operation, upgrading as well as the training of the flight personnel, technicians and engineers.

The enterprise produces and realizes Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes.

Head of sales and contracting department:
Ruben Shikanyan.

Website design and support:
Aleksey Borodulya (OSKBES MAI)
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