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Our Products

   MAI-411 Airplane
   MAI-407 Airplane
   Viscount V100 Airplane
   MAI-223 Airplane
   Aviatika-MAI-890 Family
   Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly
   Yunior Airplane
   MAI-89 Airplane
   Foton Airplane
   Elf Airplane
   Au-30 Airship
   Au-12M Airship
   SkyBoat HELIOS
   “Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloons
   AV-15-D2 variable-pitch propeller
   Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat
   Kvant Airplane
   MAI-208 Autogyro
   MAI-227 Glider
   Aviatika-MAI-920 Glider
   Elf-D UAV
   MAI-205 Autogyro
   Aviatika-MAI-890A Autogyro
   PS-01 “Komar” UAV

Sintal Airplanes

We Offer:

   Light Airplanes and Ultralights
   Hybrid Captive Balloons
   Sintal Airplanes
   Designing and production of aircrafts
   Aircrafts improvement
   Pilots retraining
   Production of parts and units
   Production of mockups
   Fiberglass production

About Us:

   History of OSKBES MAI
   Chief Designer


   AC “ASA-Aerodesign”
   NPO «RosAeroSystems»
   RAC «MiG» (“Mikoyan”)

OSKBES MAI. Contact Us.
E-mail: oskbes@mai.ru
Phone: +7 (985) 349-25-22 — Chief Designer

+7 (499) 158-44-68 — Design Bureau

+7 (499) 158-47-53 — Production Department
Phone/fax: (499) 158—49—09 — Design Bureau
Management: Vadim Demin, Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI (oskbes@mai.ru)

Mikhail Dryagilev, Deputy Chief Designer

Alexander Serebryakov, Deputy Chief Designer of OSKBES MAI (silverbrend@gmail.com)

Vyacheslav Luchak, Deputy Chief Designer (luch53@yandex.ru)
Address: Mailing address: Volokolamskoe shosse, 4, Moscow Aviation Institute, OSKBES, Moscow, 125 993, Russia

Design Bureau: Building #7 of MAI, 417-th Office


Experimental Aircraft Workshop — GUK-building (The Main educational building)

Assembly Shop, Fiberglass Production and Field Study Workshop — Building #7 of MAI, first floor
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