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   Viscount V100 Airplane
   MAI-407 Airplane
   MAI-223 Airplane
   Aviatika-MAI-890 Family
   Aviatika-MAI-910 Interfly
   Yunior Airplane
   MAI-89 Airplane
   Foton Airplane
   Elf Airplane
   Au-30 Airship
   Au-12M Airship
   SkyBoat HELIOS
   “Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloons
   AV-15-D2 variable-pitch propeller
   Aviatika-MAI-900 Akrobat
   Kvant Airplane
   MAI-208 Autogyro
   MAI-227 Glider
   Aviatika-MAI-920 Glider
   Elf-D UAV
   MAI-205 Autogyro
   Aviatika-MAI-890A Autogyro
   PS-01 “Komar” UAV

Sintal Airplanes

About Us:

   History of OSKBES MAI
   Chief Designer


   AC “ASA-Aerodesign”
   NPO “RosAeroSystems”
   RAC “MiG” (“Mikoyan”)

Light Airplanes and Ultralights

We accept orders for delivery (1) following types of planes:

MAI-407 multi-purpose four-seat twin engine airplane


MAI-223 single-engine two-seat airplane



Orders are accepted on MAI-223 and MAI-223SKh (crop-sprayer).

Family of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes





Orders are accepted on:

  • Aviatika-MAI-890 (single-seat);
  • Aviatika-MAI-890U (two-seat);
  • Aviatika-MAI-890SKh (single-seat crop sprayer);
  • Aviatika-MAI-890USKh (two-seat crop sprayer).
Hybrid Captive Balloons

Multi-functional aerostatic complex
on the basis of “Colibris” hybrid captive balloons

“Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloon

Colibris (рекламный)
“Colibris” Hybrid Captive Balloon. Advertising version.(2)

Orders are accepted on multi-functional aerostatic complex (balloon+service load) and on advertising version of hybrid captive balloon.


AV-15-D2 variable-pitch reversible propeller

AV-15-D2 with Simonini mini 2 plus engine

AV-15-D2 propeller hub

Orders are accepted on various performance variable pitch propellers with a diameter up to 1.7 m for 20...100 h. p. engines.

Sintal Airplanes

“Sintal” airplanes

S-2 “Sintal”

S-2SKh “Sintal”

According to the partner program of OSKBES MAI and REMZ-Avia, we offer the airplanes S-2 “Sintal” of various versions.

Designing and production of aircrafts

Designing and production of aircrafts of different types

Design Organization Certificate
Design Organization
Certificate № R-52

3D-model of MAI-208
MAI-208. 3D-model

Searey amphibian
“Searey” amphibian was built from "kit" and enhanced in OSKBES MAI

OSKBES MAI has been dealing with design and production of light airplanes since 1967 and has 14 models of aircraft of different types in the list of its articles. It was one of the first enterprises in Russia which were officially authorised to design light civil aircraft.

OSKBES MAI can to design and make:

  • ultralights and light airplanes;
  • aerobatic aircraft;
  • autogyros;
  • airship and balloon gondolas and controls;
  • crop sprayers;
  • gliders, etc.

Besides we can assist assembling kitplanes with the necessary modernizations for increase the reliability and the safety of a kitplane.

Aircrafts improvement

Modernization and overhaul of Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes. Spare parts

Aviatika-MAI-890 (early version)

Aviatika-MAI-890SKh (later version)

Since 1993 the following enhancements of Aviatika-MAI-890 were provided:

  • airplanes are delivered with a fully enclosed cockpit;
  • the power plant was changed:
    • Rotax—912 engine is installed on the "o-ring" engine mount;
    • the propeller with an increased diameter is installed;
    • an angle of the engine mounting was changed.

All these enhancements improved airplane specifications and reduced vibrations.

  • the fuel system was modernized;
  • wing and landing gear attachment units were enforced;
  • airplanes are delivered with a guided trimmer;
  • crop spraying equipment was improved;
  • lubrication system was improved;
  • brakes was modernized;
  • engine control system was improved;
  • instrumental panel was improved.

Besides we offer:

  • float gear installation;
  • ski landing gear installation;
  • cockpit heater installation;
  • towing gear installation;
  • Rotax "FLYdat" functioning of an engine parameters instrument installation;
  • BRS parachute system installation;
  • other special equipment installation.

If you maintain Aviatika-MAI-890 airplanes and want to modernize or repair them, please contact us.

Pilots retraining

Pilots and maintenance crew retraining to operate Aviatika-MAI-890 and MAI-223 airplanes

Pilots retraining
Pilots retraining

The flight testing team of OSKBES MAI has organized pilots and maintenance crew retraining to operate Aviatika-MAI-890 and MAI-223 airplanes

Production of parts and units

Production of parts and units for aircraft and other products

Гондола привязного аэростатического аттракциона Аэролифт
Park amusement AeroliftTM gondola.

OSKBES MAI has own manufactory. We can design and produce parts and units for aircraft and other products. Over the past few years a number of products were made by OSKBES MAI (or with our technical assistance): parts and units for making, repair or modernization of Russian and foreign aircraft; airships and balloons gondolas; the medical stand of space orientation; frame of the equipment for railway carriage, etc. OSKBES MAI has own fiberglass plastic production.

Production of mockups

Production of mockups of aircrafts and other wehicles

Yak-152 mockup.
General view.

Yak-152 mockup.
General view.

Yak-152 mockup.
The first cockpit.

Yak-152 mockup.
Landing gear.

Yak-152 mockup.
Mockup committee at A. S. Yakovlev design bureau.

Модель истребителя SAAB
Model of the SAAB fighter.

Yak-152 mockup.
General view.

Yak-152 mockup.
General view.

Yak-152 mockup.
The second cockpit.

Yak-152 mockup.
The stepladder.

Yak-152 mockup.
Mockup committee at A. S. Yakovlev design bureau.

Operating 80-metre model of string transport system (STS).

OSKBES MAI can design and produce mockups of aircrafts and other wehicles. For example we made the mockup of new Yakovlev-152 trainer; the exhibition 6-metre model of the SAAB fighter; Advertising model of DHL's Boeing 757, cockpit and mass-inertial test mockups, etc.

Fiberglass production

Production of parts and units of fiberglass

In 2003 OSKBES MAI with PRO-Avia Company has organised own fiberglass manufacture.

We manufacture a variety of products made of fiberglass for the full production cycle (designing, technological elaboration, manufacturing, tests).

3D model of the MAI-223 cockpit

The pattern skeleton for the MAI-223 cockpit production

The pattern for the MAI-223 cockpit during making


3D model of the MAI-223 rear part of the fuselage

The mold for the production of the MAI-223 rear part of the fuselage

The door for the MAI-223 during production


3D model of the MAI-407 fuselage

3D model of the pattern skeleton for the the MAI-407 fuselage production


The pattern of the MAI-407 fuselage during making (Pic. 1).

The pattern of the MAI-407 fuselage during making (Pic. 2).

The pattern of the MAI-407 fuselage during making (Pic. 3).


The pattern of the MAI-407 fuselage during making (Pic. 4).

The mold for the production of the MAI-407 fuselage.


Выклеенные в матрицах панели фюзеляжа самолёта МАИ-407
The finished MAI-407 fuselage skin.

ЭГМ кресла пилота самолёта МАИ-407
3D model of the MAI-407 pilot seat

Матрица кресла пилота самолёта МАИ-407
The mold for the MAI-407 pilot seat production


1 The booking on delivery of aircrafts of OSKBES MAI and to performance of other listed works carries out the PRO-Avia Company, operating together with the Developer.

2 The «Coca-Cola» logo is «The Coca-Cola Company» property and is placed in drawing as an example of use of hybrid balloons.

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